COUNTRY MUSIC - a sound known for great entertainers and resilience. One entertainer that epitomizes and personalizes those descriptors is "The Gambler" Kenny Rogers. With a career that spanned decades, and all genres, the music he performed is revered throughout the world.
One of the newest members of the Country Music Hall of Fame is brought to your event through the Award Winning KENNY ROGERS Tribute Artist, TIM SELLS. With the look and sound of Kenny, the event is fille
d with all the favorites that made Kenny Rogers the musical icon he became. "THE DEAL GOES ON" Tribute Show, which is produced from actual KENNY ROGERS CONCERTS, has been performed internationally, and can be presented with live musicians or professionally prepared tracks, depending on the client's budget. Whatever the event, you are guaranteed a show that provides smiles, crowd participation, and enjoyment for all ages, and honors the music and persona of "The Gambler," KENNY ROGERS. With  30 years of performing across the United States, Mexico, Dominican Republic and the Virgin Islands, "THE DEAL GOES ON" provides insight into all genres of Kenny Rogers' music, from jazz to his ballads. In many situations, audiences have commented on the similarity in looks and sound of Kenny Rogers and how it provided an awesome experience in the performances given, especially the interaction with the audiences. Whether it’s a small gathering, large venue production, solo performance or a Legends ensemble, Tim gives a performance that provides an exciting and enjoyable evening of entertainment